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Our Goal

Our goal is to design a custom website for you that delivers optimal user experience, excellent design and outstanding features. As a matter of fact, the the single goal of Google and all of the leading search providers is to deliver optimal user experience. That is why we apply organic SEO to all of our website projects. We focus on your business goals during the planning stage of the project. This will help us design a website that best fits your needs and goals. When done right, you will see increased conversions, online success and overall higher ROI. Website development is a process that can take time, but the rewards are well worth it. We build websites that are fully optimized to achieve results. In addition, we will get you a “Google Search Central” account (formerly Google Webmasters) to track your website’s search statistics.

Beautiful Designs

First impressions can make or break the success of your website. It is essential to leave a strong visual impact on the viewer. When guests enter your website, you want them to have a strong general interest about your company and feel good about proceeding. We design awesome custom websites. This page demonstrates some of the most visually striking features we use when designing a custom website.

User Engagement

Website users are much savvier than they were 20 years ago. They don’t end up sticking around if a website is hard to use or if it is not well organized. Visually attractive websites have become common, but how many keep the visitor engaged and interested? We study UX flow charts and promote building relationships and trust between your company and your prospects. There is a reason why the person landed on your website, and our job is to keep that person engaged, deliver a solution and ultimately achieve a rapid ROI.

Responsive Design

People now spend far more time browsing the internet on their phone when compared to using a desktop. Therefore, it is essential that your website provides the same, if not better user experience on a phone or tablet as on the desktop computer. Our custom websites are responsively designed for the mobile user. We make an extra effort to provide an easy user interface for the touch screen.

Security and Privacy

Guests are also extremely concerned about their personal information. Security and privacy are now paramount. First, it is important that you let them know that you respect their privacy. Second, let them know how you use the information attained from their session. For this purpose, we have the tools required to address your users privacy concerns and comply to GDPR recommendations.


In March of 2020, the world changed seemingly overnight. People were directed to stay at home, and businesses had to adjust to stay afloat. The more agile businesses responded quickly to the new realities of pandemic-related business operations. They published pandemic related information and adapted to the remote work environment and their customers’ new requirements. Almost everything, from food and groceries to automobiles were being sold and delivered to their homes. If you sell products, you should have an e-commerce site, unless you require in-person attendance. We are well aware that your business website is the backbone of your online presence. Above all, when you select RJ Network Services to design your custom website, we will work with you to address promoting your business under current and future conditions. We will consider everything for your potential and real users when we design your site.


Nobody knows your business better than you! Why do people purchase your products? What brings them back to you? Convey to us the business reputation you have established. Above all, your input is a strategic asset we use to develop a successful website. Not only do we welcome your collaboration, in fact, we strongly endorse it. In order to design a website that meets our clients requirements we always insist on in depth discussion and complete understanding of the business goals and objectives. Work with us to develop your prospecting plan and define your marketing objectives. We can work together planning and researching the competition and defining site goals, purposes and audiences.

Featured Design Elements

To show your guests that you respect their privacy, it is essential that your website facilitates GDPR compliance.
RJ Network Services has very flexible options that we can implement.

We use the WordPress blogging platform. It is the world’s most popular blogging software and is rich with features and state-of-the-art functionality.

Counter Circles deliver a nice visual summary of your data.

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Flip Boxes

Custom Website Design

Save on Custom Website Design from RJ Network Services

Custom Website Design

Our goal is to design a custom website for you that delivers optimal user experience, excellent design and outstanding features. As a matter of fact, the the single goal of Google and all of the leading search providers is to deliver optimal user experience.

News Ticker can display posts, pages, media, portfolios, FAQs or Sliders.

YouTube Element: You can embed a YouTube Video into  a page on your website. Since it can affect affect website speed, we recommend only using it when absolutely necessary, otherwise, use a link to your YouTube channel.

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