Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress® Hosting

wordpress Virtual Private Servers

Puts you in control. No sharing of resources. The VPS is dedicated to your website(s).

Daily backups

We keep 30 days of backups of your website available to you on demand through secure FTP.

Lightning fast

Our servers are optimized for WordPress® using advanced configurations that are individually customized for your business requirements for speed and security.

99.99% availability

Updates and Upgrades

We perform all system updates, upgrades and plugin installation to keep your system current and agile.

Secure FTP

If you require FTP access, we use SSH keypairs for FTP access.

Enhanced Security

In addition to our own proven security processes, we keep your website secure using the latest tools and OS security packages.

Extra Security Layer

All plans get a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to guard your website

Website Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring

SSL Certificates

We offer free SSL certificates from Lets Encrypt or we will install your own SSL certificate from a trusted CA, We do not host unsecure websites.

Our Managed WordPress® Hosting is included for our custom website design customers with a support plan, as well as, our support plan customers with existing websites. If you have an existing WordPress website, we move it for you to our network at no cost when you purchase one of our support plans.

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On Managed WordPress Hosting

Why RJ Network’s Managed Hosting Plan is right for you

We use High-performance machine types for compute-intensive workloads that are optimized for your WordPress website. Our system engineers have configured it so your website is running in a Fast Process Manager to achieve maximum performance and security.

Most hosting companies have thousands and maybe 10s of thousands websites running on their VM’s (virtual machines) or dedicated servers. That may be ok for the home user or personal website, but, not for the business that wants to use their website for marketing to increase sales and leads. Today’s users don’t want to wait! If you cannot provide optimal user experience, they just move on to another company.

RJ Network’s managed WordPress hosting is a perfect fit for the business that wants to utilize all of its personnel and resources to achieve sales, service and support of their product and brand. We will handle all of the technical tasks and content updates necessary to keep your website your # 1 marketing tool.

Test Your Website Speed


Search engines take into consideration the speed of your website, particularly on a mobile device. Use this tool, from Google, to evaluate your website speed.

Want optimum speed? Get one of our support plans.