funny_computerRecently, when visiting a family member, I noticed that he was not using the computer I built for him. I asked why. His reply was that his computer was too slow! Well, that’s embarrassing, since this is my business! Thankfully, he asked if I can fix it, which is what inspired me to write this post.

First, I restarted the PC. At this point, most people would have given up since it took 15 minutes to load all the startup programs. You can tell by watching the disk led light flickering, almost solid.

Even though he had an anti-virus solution, I ran a free malware remover. I use Malwarebytes. You can get it free at For the first 15 minutes, it found nothing. Suddenly towards the end of the scan, it found 324 issues. After it fixed the issues, I restarted again. Better, but it still took too long to finish loading (and it was still slow), so I decided to look at the task manager to see what is using the resources.

If you are like most users, a large percentage of your computing time is spent on the internet. You download apps and utilities. I do too, but very carefully. I found some old apps using a large percentage of the disk and memory, while not even being used anymore. So I launched the “Programs and Features” from the control panel and removed the apps (make sure you no longer need them). Restarted again.

BINGO! Fast as new, out of the box.

Hope this helps someone.